Saturday, December 16, 2006

In the Kitchen IV ~ Work in Progress

It's Time for Big Decisions

There are a few more things that are needed before the painting is signed. The cookbook needs a few correcting strokes as some of the angles are a little off. And some decisions need to be made for the background. There's much empty space in the top half, and something needs to be done there, but what, I am not quite sure. I will probably go to some large brushwork, there. Here's where a painting can be made stronger or weaker - in the last wrapping up session.

I do like the lower left corner, and how the towel seems to emerge from the background - something happening, yet not too distracting. I hope to create that same effect for the rest of the background.

Here is a closeup with some more accurate color.


Jo Castillo said...

Rebecca, I just discovered your blog from WC. This is such a lovely painting. I will subscribe to you blog and follow along.
Thanks for sharing,

dd/sandy said...

I already commented once but I loved the in the kitchen series. Just beautiful!!! I will definitely be following your posts here....