Monday, December 11, 2006

In the Kitchen III ~ Work in Progress

For earlier glimpse and background on this painting, see "In the Kitchen" I and II under "Studio Archives"

It's amazing what a few hours of concentration and about 50-70 correctly placed shapes of accurate value and temperature will do. I realize that was probably a few terms you may not be familiar with if you're not an artist. So, let me explain a little to you as I continue my painting. I may have to split this little lesson up in a few posts, so let's tackle phrase #1 for today.

"Correctly Placed Shapes": It may sound really strange to you, but if you want to paint accurately, one must forget pretty much what is being painted. For instance, when I was painting the apples, I had to fight the urge to think "stem, top of the apple, bruise on the apple. . .etc. " Because when I do that, I'm pulling on the left side of my brain that has records of images of what an apple should look like. I can draw an apple from memory, but it can't possibly match the one I'm looking at.

When I paint, I'm literally thinking, " bright red skinny shape, right next to a wider, yet shorter shape that is a tad bluer than the first red skinny shape." I have to look at the colors and compare them to the color next to it. It's a mind bender sometimes. Somedays I'm right there in the "zone" as I like to call it, but other days I'm not concentrating and it pretty much falls apart before my eyes.

I'll explain Temperatures and Values to you at a later date. I hope you enjoyed your mini art lesson!

Come back soon - I'll be giving you a better look at my studio.

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hunter said...

I love it like it is! Your painting is looking finished as it goes, and that is something I need to work more on. can't wait to see where you take it from here.