Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Essentials - (a manditory break)

Click on the "In the Kitchen" archives to see the painting progressions.

Since it's rained and been overcast for the last 2 days, I thought I'd give you a peak at my total set up. Here I have everything I need:
A french easel - my indoor/outdoor buddy
My trusty hat - to keep the glare out of my eyes
Cane - to steady my hand
Large glass palette - the best palette, ever
A large supply of brushes - I use about 10 of them on a regular basis
Music - Mostly soft orchestral movie soundtracks
Camera (not shown). - Sony 3.3 Megapixel (yeah, I know)
Any questions? Post a question as a comment, and I'll be glad to answer and explain as a post here. If you're especially shy, feel free to email me your questions. I love to talk about art and its process, and I understand for those of you who are not artists the desire to see how something is done.
So, my studio is always open for any type of discussion falling under the category of art. Ask away!


Lauren said...

I am so jealous of and happy for your studio. That beats the old windowless GA lab.

Let me ask you this: Do you have shades or blinds for the windows? Are you able to control the light? Do you have special lighting(bulbs) for cloudy days and nighttime painting?

Rebecca Finch said...

Lauren, I started replying to your quesitons, but I ramble so it was so long, that I thought I would reply as a post in my blog. Your answer is coming soon. Thanks for asking.