Saturday, April 04, 2009

A New Website

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Big Changes
With a website, a newsletter on the horizon, and a near impossible challenge in May, be sure to read how you can continue to receive emails updating you on the latest news so you don't miss a thing.

New Website

In February, I began designing a new website that will be more like a Website-blog. My intention is to create a website that is constantly changing and where new content is added on a regular basis. I would like it to be place that you might want to visit often. It is still in its early stages, however I am adding content every week. On the site, you will find my current paintings and graphic design. The Artist's studio has new posts, paintings can be commented on and rated in the Art Gallery, and a changing art poll on the home page awaits your input.

In the future, there are plans for an Art Sightings page which will feature the work of other artists that I admire, a resource page for fellow artists, and very soon I will be pulling together my first quarterly newsletter.

visit the new website . . .


For those of you who have signed up for my emails in the past, you won't receive any email notifications from now on. . .

. . . unless you visit the website and sign up again for emails and newsletters.

I am changing email services after this message goes out so if you would like to continue receiving announcements and my upcoming quarterly newsletter, you will need to enter your information again on the new website. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your continued interest in my work.

Sign up for continued contact . . .

The 30 Day Artist Challenge
Beginning May 1st, I will be taking on the challenge of completing 40 works of art in only 30 days. The 30 Day Artist website features an artist every month who attempts to take on this near impossible feat. I will be blogging each day as the journey unfolds and the pieces are completed.

In the plans are 36 small paintings - 6x6 and 10x10 - that in light of today's economy, I hope will be a more realistic way for art lovers to acquire a piece of original art. Stay tuned for more news about this exciting commitment.
Take a Breather

You deserve a break from your busy schedule. Take a few minutes to relax in the Art Gallery, see a painting from start to finish in the Artist's Studio, and feel free to contact me with feedback on what you'd like to see on the site.

Brighten your day here . . .

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