Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A New Start

Welcome to my new studio!
Last weekend my husband and I began working on setting up the room. There is much to do, and it will be a slow process to get the room looking how I am imagining, but rest assured I will include you in the process.

Here is the room before I unpacked all of my supplies and books.

I have two wonderful windows. One facing west and the other facing north.

I painted my first still life in over 7 months yesterday,
and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a total disaster.

In my next post, you will see a familiar subject for a still life as I continue to practice after my long hiatus away from painting. I'm looking forward to being back into the swing of things.


Jo Castillo said...

Rebecca, Hi!! Welcome back!! I missed you. These apples are just great. Juicy. Nice comp, too.

Tracy said...

Very nice Becky! :) Of course, I can't paint to save my life, but I still think its awesome.

Rebecca Finch said...

Thank you Jo and Tracy for your kind words - it is so good to be back painting again. Welcome back, yourself, Jo, my faithful blog reader!