Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Red Chili Peppers

Another still life completed under the ever changing light.

It was a very dark and stormy sky, today so I discarded a still life that needed to be painted in direct sun and set up another one with a lamp. As I finally sat down to begin painting, the sun came out brightly from behind the clouds. So I put my lamp away and began to block in the painting in the sun. About a half hour into my block in, the sky darkened and seemed as if it would remain that way for the rest of the day. Out my lamp came. I painted over some areas as the lighting changed just about everything that I had already laid down.

Wouldn't you know it, about two hours later, the sun came out and beamed until it set late afternoon. At that point too much was completed, so I came inside the house and started cooking dinner - planning to paint after the sun went down.

Here is the completed piece, painted in all variations of light from glaring sun to nightfall. In the end, the subject was so pleasing to me that I was determined to see it through.


Jo Castillo said...

Very nice painting. I am starting a pepper painting tomorrow myself. I like the colors and composition. In the photo on the background there appears to be a fist with a finger or at least a finger looking shadow. Could be just the photo, but you might want to check.

I really like red .. and this painting.

Rebecca said...


Thank you for checking back. Yes, I think I see it. In the lighter paint? Hmmm. It stands out somewhat.

Thank you