Monday, November 06, 2006

Pennypacker Park

They said it was going to be sunny and warm. I believed them, and was not disappointed. In an effort to take advantage of the fleeting days of autumn (and thus the fleeting days of bearable weather), the Pennypacker Park on the Cooper River became my studio, today. My arrival was later than intended, and with only 3 hours to paint, it became clear that a rushed pace would be mine for the afternoon.
It was a decent study and a good practice for me.

After parking, with camera in hand, I took my ritual walk about to assess the landscape and decide the best location for the painting. After narrowing down the spot, I returned to the car for the necessities.

Apparently the rain from last week was a little overwhelming for the soil as much of the area where I wanted to set up resembled a swamp. I found a slushy island to set up camp where my bag,( poor bag, there was nowhere else for it to go than on the ground), became soaked through on the bottom - along with my camera and business cards. No harm done, though.

During one of my breaks, I took a few photographs.
This will definitely be a park that I will want to come back to in the springtime.

The view from my easel.

I became inspired by the dried leaves. What a beautiful way to die.

There is great potential for a beautiful spot in the spring. I love the character that is revealed in trees when the modesty of the leaves are gone. Such intricacy.

The sun passes through the leaves as though they are stained glass. The Master Artisan created living stained glass. Something we humans can only attempt to imitate.

Canadian Geese apparently have a very popular hangout. Aside from their personalities, they are really very beautiful birds. I wonder how much longer they'll be around before flying to warmer places.

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