Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Three New Blogs

Recently I'd been thinking over the idea of having an art blog that celebrated all the beautiful art out there. After some planning and working on the project, I decided in order to accomplish all the things I wanted to, it would demand that I start three blogs.

Here's the blogroll:

A r t S i g h t i n g s
-Get a weekly dose of beautiful art that I have come across.
-Read article summaries of interesting art techniques for artists.
-Enjoy featured artists from my library of artists which I have come to love.
-Commit to visiting those artist's web pages and give a comment of encouragement to them.

Currently on Art Sightings:
-Enjoy photography by a 14 year old in India
-Discover the engaging Art of Carol Marine
-Read about an unusual limited palette technique

A r t i s t S i g h t i n g s
-Enjoy a growing library of visual artists that I consider to be the cream of the crop.

Currently on Artist Sightings:
-Comment on and encourage six of my favorite artists

A r t R e s o u r c e S i g h t i n g s
-Artists can enjoy a one-stop resource room for all aspects of their career.
-Find book recommendations, links to helpful websites, marketing resources, newsletter software, contest annnouncements. . etc.

Currently on Art Resource Sightings:
-Two contests worth checking out
-My choice art technique book
-Forums and marketing blogs I frequent

How can you be involved in the process?

R e c o m m e n d A n A r t i s t
Feel free to shoot me an email to bring an artist to my attention for possible entry in the Artist Sightings library or for a feature on Art Sightings. If the artist is featured, I will credit you and post a link to your site or blog. The rule is, however, you cannot recommend yourself. Let this be a push to encourage someone else in their art!

S h a r e R e s o u r c e s
Feel free to email me if you have a resource that you think artists could benefit from. I will credit you for the information and give you a link to your site or blog.

All three blogs currently have minimal information on them, but keep checking back as I will be adding to them often.