Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Secret Illustration Obsession

. . . okay, well I guess the secret's out.

Sometimes when I think about creating illustrations, I get a surge of adrenaline. After much research on the subject the process seemed so long and impossible that I finally chose a life of fine art as opposed to dividing my focus on both. Although fine art is very fulfilling, sometimes I walk past the children's book section and all but wipe the drool from my chin.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who is writing a children's book for an education class asked me to illustrate her book for me. I tend to say "yes" all too soon, so I showed great restraint by looking at my calendar of graphic design deadlines and taking a week before saying "yes".

In anticipation for this project, I dug up my illustrations, and thought as I begin this journey it would be fun to share every step of the way with you including my past work which has not yet been posted on my blogs.

The following are a few illustrations completed in acrylic on illustration board.

Sydney and Sherman
My niece Sydney with her favorite feline, my parent's cat, Sherman

Not a Prince
Some of my slightly sick humor showing

African Baby
Illustration for a friend's baby shower invitation

Don't Forget to Remember
Published Illustration for A Beka Book

The Picture Book
The result of inspiration and desire

Check back for the progress of this want-to-be illustrator.